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TLC healing matrix: Urgo celebrates 15 years of progress!

Committed to innovation that offers constantly better wound healing solutions, we are focused on demonstrating the clinical efficacy of our dressings.
In all, the efficacy, tolerability and safety of Urgo Medical TLC dressings have been evaluated...

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Urgo Medical in London !

The 25th European wound healing event (EWMA) took place in London last May, attracting more than 3000 clinicians. At this occasion, Urgo Medical celebrated the 15 years of TLC and launch of UrgoStart Border, with a rich scientific programme: an...

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Urgo Medical paves the way for high clinical standards in Healing…

The Journal of Wound Care (JWC), clinical journal expert in Wound healing, complimented once again Urgo Medical for its clinical investments: the EARTH study was greatly rewarded within the Best Clinical Research category!


24 experts from all...

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UrgoStart Border: do not choose between healing efficacy and convenience!

UrgoStart is a unique range of dressings that have proven to promote faster healing(1) and avoid wounds becoming longstanding, improving patients’ quality of life and being highly cost-effective.

The range now welcomes a new silicone adhesive...

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Last update : October 28, 2020