TLC healing matrix: Urgo celebrates 15 years of progress!

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TLC healing matrix: Urgo celebrates 15 years of progress!

Urgo_Review_resize_A4_webCommitted to innovation that offers constantly better wound healing solutions, we are focused on demonstrating the clinical efficacy of our dressings.
In all, the efficacy, tolerability and safety of Urgo Medical TLC dressings have been evaluated in more than 50,000 patients drawn from 170 clinical areas across Europe. Over 600 clinicians were involved in these evaluations. This amounts to eight Randomised Controlled Trials, 25 observational studies and 22 other clinical studies.

For the occasion of the 15 years of TLC healing matrix, this substantial body of evidence is detailed in the new evidence review on dressings, summarizing all clinical research performed on UrgoTul, UrgoClean, UrgoStart and silver dressings; and published in Journal of Wound Care in August 2015.

Since 15 years, TLC healing matrix definitely gets things moving in wound healing!

Last update : February 26, 2021