A new treatment protocol

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A new treatment protocol

In sloughy chronic wounds, it is key to first clean the wound bed, and then close the wound as fast as possible.


UrgoClean is a hydro-desloughing dressing that offers 50% greater desloughing efficacy vs Aquacel (1); while UrgoStart has shown to promote faster healing in chronic wounds (2). In the treatment of a sloughy chronic wound, usinAP_SEQUENCE M2_UK_110614g UrgoClean, followed by UrgoStart therefore seems to be a completely appropriate treatment, perfectly adapted to the wound healing stage.

Impressive clinical cases have shown the efficacy of using such protocol. At the last EWMA event in Madrid, several Key opinion leaders have recognized the efficacy of UrgoClean/UrgoStart treatment, during a specific symposium (3). This innovative way of managing wounds enables to match closely to the wounds’ needs, to maximize chances of closing the wound.

UrgoClean/UrgoStart, the winning care protocol!


(1)   Meaume S., Dissemond J, Addala A. et al. Evaluation of two fibrous wound dressings for the management of leg ulcers: Results of a European randomised controlled trial (EARTH RCT). Journal of Wound Care 2014; 23(3): 105 – 116. *Main criteria: relative reduction of wound surface area at W6 UrgoClean: 34.10% (n=80) vs Aquacel 34.40% (n=74) (NS)
(2)   (2) Meaume S. et al. A randomized, controlled, double-blind prospective trial with a Lipido- Colloid Technology-Nano- OligoSaccharide Factor wound dressing in the local management of venous leg ulcers.Wound Repair and Regeneration 2012 (july/august); 20 (4): 500-511. Healing speed = 10,83 mm2/day versus 5,15 mm2/day – p = 0,0056.
(3)   Symposium “Stepping up to customized wound care”, EWMA congress, 15TH May 2014.


Last update : February 19, 2020